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mr. & mrs. T saya.. :)

i love Baking Life...

 Finally, i found some topic that i want to share wif u all..
It's about game on fb which is called "Baking Life". 

i think, around 4 months ago i'm started addicted to this game..haha..
It was suggested by my best fren, ika... 
she also addicted to this game..haha..
u know, now she in level 49..but i'm still in level 29..huhu
it is bcoz she more better than me,,
and i should learn more from her..
"ika...can u help me how to get high level like u...?? Pliszzzzzzzz..."
i hope u can help me.. =)

Just like the name, is about baking..
u just like bake, and sale..
but i still like it! hehe..
u can manage your own bakery and earn money through it..
as u level up u will gain more recipes and equipments for your bakery. 
u can also add more decor and expand your bakery..
The goal of this game :
earn more money and maintain a high hype
(what they call rating)
The more hype u have, the many customer u will get.

u know why i love this game???
This is bcoz the graphics are cuter..and bcoz this game 
i meet someone special in my life..huhu..
bcoz this game, i can connect wif new fren from other country..
This is the look of my bakery now :
Theanks to my caring buddy for taken this pic for me..
This is several recipes in baking life :
if you haven't played it yet, try this game.
This game can teach you how to manage your time efficiently 
and to budget your income.

Ok...that all...tata... =)


Miss flip flop said...

nice post..hehe..level i tggi sbb dah lme main..pape pn ur bakery looks better than mine.
haha..thanks mai!!
bahaye addicted ni, LAW ble nk bce? hehe..

Kamil Kahar said...

huhu...sdg addicted men game ni gak sbnrnye...sape la yg ajak men ek... :P

mai neiqihs said...

ika : x kre...ko kne tlg gk..huhu...tgh bce LAW la ni...lalala...
kamil : x tw, x mil la 2 yg ajak men kot...huhu..

Miss flip flop said...

ble mse ko bce? x nmpk pun..huhu
adoi..gara2 game..

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